Survey party Chief


Survey party Chief


Job Description Survey party Chief

• Review survey project information and contracts; 
• Responsible for mobilisation and demobilisation of the survey/ROV equipment, including calibrations and system checks prior to the start of the project; 
• Responsible for survey and ROV operations, guarantee data acquisition, processing, charting and reporting is effected conform standard industry procedures, contract specifications and under acceptable (environmental) circumstances; 
• Attend (daily) meetings with all parties on board the vessel to plan ongoing/coming activities in such a way that optimum use will be made of the workable time windows; 
• Control and administer non-chargeable hours and report to the Project Surveyor; 
• Discuss the priority of survey activities with the Client Representative in liaison with the Master/Supervisor; 
• Inform the Project Surveyor of contractual survey related items e.g. variation orders, client stand-by and relaxation of specifications; 
• Submit Daily Progress Reports to the Project Surveyor and/or Client Representative; 
• Explain and/or motivate alternative ways to perform survey related work and discuss further survey related items with the Client's Survey Representative; 
• Inform the Project Surveyor on the actual status of work, items that arose during activities and items that require improvement; 
• Solve, summarise, explain and report on survey related disputes for further onshore finishing; 
• Keep the Master/Supervisor up to date on survey matters; 
• Monitor the Health, Safety and Environmental activities of the vessel for compliance with agreed procedures and Project Safety Plan; 
• Communicate offshore emergency information whenever necessary in accordance with Allseas' Safety Bridging Document. 

Requirements Survey party Chief

• BSc competence level including training in Hydrography, Geodesy, Geophysics, Survey Engineering or similar; 
• Minimum of 5 years relevant offshore survey installation support experience, preferably in the position of Senior Surveyor or Report Co-ordinator or similar; 
• Experienced in working with survey (Eiva), data processing, and data visualisation software is an advantage; 
• Good command of the English language, both written and spoken. 


A global leader in offshore pipeline installation and subsea construction. 


Terms of employment

Direct contract with our client. Salary is negotiable. 



For more information about the job: 

Julian Bor | Account Manager 
Peterson SBS Recruitment BV 
Paleiskade 53 | 1781 AP Den Helder | Netherlands 



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