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Barge Supervisor I - Gulf of Mexico
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Job Description


Reports to the Offshore Installation Manager (OIM)

Supervises the Assistant Barge Supervisor, Ballast Control Operator (BCO), Deck Pusher and Paint Foreman

Offshore location


  • High school diploma or equivalent. Work experience and demonstrated ability of oral and written communications may be substituted in lieu of formal education.
  • Knowledge of all technical calculations required for the safe operation of the marine aspect of the drilling unit
  • Basic computer skills
  • Valid medical examination and vaccination certificates

 Barge Supervisor I

  • Valid 3rd Mate Unlimited License or Barge Supervisor License
  • Recommendation by OIM/Rig Manager and supported by recent performance evaluation

 Barge Supervisor II

  • Valid 2nd Mate Unlimited License or Barge Supervisor License with 1 year experience
  • Recommendation by OIM/Rig Manager and supported by recent performance evaluation

 Barge Supervisor III

  • Valid Chief Mate Unlimited License or Barge Supervisor License with 2 years experience
  • Recommendation by OIM/Rig Manager and supported by recent performance evaluation

 Senior Barge Supervisor

  • Valid Unlimited Master License or Barge Supervisor License with 3 years experience
  • Recommendation by OIM/Rig Manager and supported by recent performance evaluation


  • Ensure that all marine aspects of the rig’s operations are carried out in accordance to statutory and regulatory controls and guidelines
  • Supervise the operation of the marine department to ensure the safe and efficient running of the rig


  • Monitor the weather conditions and rig motions; advise OIM on conditions likely to affect drilling operations and seaworthiness of the rig - Authority I
  • Ensure that accurate calculation of load distribution and weights for daily stability reports are maintained - Authority I
  • Coordinate all helicopter and supply boats traffic; supervise movement of materials and personnel to and from the rig - Authority I
  • Ensure all navigation equipment is properly maintained and ready for use at all times - Authority I
  • Monitor quantities of expendables such as fuel, potable water, drill water, etc. - Authority I
  • Ensure that cranes are in safe working condition - Authority I
  • Ensure that all safety equipment, including lifeboats and firefighting equipment, is maintained in a state of operational readiness at all times - Authority I
  • Actively participate in the daily operations meeting with the OIM and other rig department heads - Authority I
  • Operate and maintain the bulk system as required - Authority II
  • Supervise tests on firefighting equipment, obstacle lighting and audible signals - Authority II
  • Ensure that all lifting gears are inspected and certified, correctly color coded, maintained and stowed properly - Authority II
  • Prepare and supervise rig move plans, anchor patterns, and associated mobilization preparations - Authority II
  • Ensure that daily marine logs are accurate and completed. Forward copies of these reports to the shore-base office - Authority II
  • Ensure compliance with all Flag State, Classification Society, statutory regulation, and minimum manning requirements - Authority II
  • Coordinate and supervise periodic inspections of the rig’s structure, including hull compartments and critical joints - Authority II
  • Assist in the effective management of the Rig Maintenance System (RMS) and ensure that all records are properly maintained - Authority II
  • Supervise the operation and maintenance of pollution control system - Authority II


  • Incorporate the THINK process into all tasks, whether working alone or as part of a team - Authority I
  • Participate in the START process - Authority I
  • Ensure that subordinate personnel are properly trained in the START process - Authority I
  • Call a Time Out for Safety (TOFS) whenever an unplanned hazard or a change in the expected results is observed - Authority I
  • Ensure that the Company QHSE policies and other programs are communicated to and understood by all rig personnel - Authority I
  • Play an active part in the weekly meetings, FOCUS Improvement Program, and all other Company Safety
  • Management Systems - Authority I
  • Review, understand and become familiar with the rig’s safety case - Authority I
  • Ensure that new arrivals receive a full safety briefing and induction on the rig - Authority I
  • Ensure that a high standard of hygiene and housekeeping is maintained onboard the rig - Authority I
  • Coordinate weekly emergency drills along with monitoring and evaluating the deck crew responses - Authority II
  • Perform assigned duties during emergency situations and emergency protection responses as designated on the station bill - Authority II


  • Meet the training requirements according to the applicable training matrix - Authority I
  • Participate fully in the annual performance appraisal process - Authority I
  • Mentor, develop and train crew members to ensure that they are competent to work at their next job level - Authority II
  • Ensure proper and relevant communication with all personnel - Authority I
  • Conduct on the job (OJT) training for subordinates - Authority I
  • Maintain discipline onboard and ensure compliance with Company and regulatory disciplinary procedures - Authority I
  • Recommend promotion or disciplinary action up to and including discharge - Authority I


Authority I: To act

Authority II: To act but inform supervisor and/or other interested parties

Authority III: To obtain supervisor’s approval before acting

Note: The above is not a complete list of duties but a guide, as tasks and objectives can change depending on needs.





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